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  • Manpower Solution Provider
  • Real Estate Division
  • Recycling Division
  • Power Generator Rental & Maintenance
  • Facility Management
  • Civil Construction
  • Steel Structure Pre Fabricated Buildings
  • Heavy Equipment Rental, Installation & Maintenance
  • Excavation, Earthwork & Backfilling Material Supply
  • Branding and Web Solutions
  • ERP Solutions
  • Communicational and Technological Products
  • Technology Solutions
Manpower Solution Provider

Zeal-it provides Unskilled, Semi Skilled and Skilled personnel to various companies in Qatar. Rapid development and growth in construction and other industries requires a highly efficient work force to meet the specific needs of the client and quality standards.

We support the customers by providing the following manpower on subcontract basis:

  • Engineers (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
  • General helpers and semi skilled workers.
  • Skilled workers - Carpenters, Electricians, Riggers, Masons, Welders, Fabricators, Plumbers and Steel fixers.
  • Drivers - light & heavy-duty drivers, forklift operators and heavy equipment operators.
Real Estate Division

Whether you are looking to buy, rent or sell, you can be confident that Zeal Properties can fulfill your requirements through our comprehensive understanding of the market and the wide range of properties that we manage. Our vast and extensive knowledge of the property Market enables us to find and negotiate the best offers from developers; giving our client s the best prices and best real estate acquisitions. We also offer sound advice regarding investment opportunities to expatriates and or locals in terms of residential, commercial luxury and premium property. We cater to every requirement, from individuals to companies. Our agency has the most respected and highly experienced Qatar property consultants which qualify us to capably handle resale and new properties in all the major freehold areas.

Zeal properties offer a multitude of realty services to our clients. We have a large selection of properties, including villas, apartments, townhouses, holiday homes and offices. We specialize in both commercial and residential properties. Whether buying, selling or renting luxury and exclusive properties; Zeal Properties can help you reach your goals. We work in a wide array of different areas, such as Pearl Qatar, (The World’s exclusive man-made pearl island) tornado Tower (The best designed tower in 2013), Palm Tower, Viva bahriya, West Bay Lagoon, Ain Khaled Gate, Al Merzam Residence, World Trade Centre, just to name a few.With our wide network of multilingual and highly qualified agents ready to serve you, you can be confident that every requirement will be met. We are ready to assist you while you search for a new home or even an investment opportunity, while providing the most competitive prices in the market. We are customer focused and ensure that all sellers, buyers and developers are provided with personalized service while treated with respect and professionalism. Our reputation for discretion assures that our clients retain their privacy and confidentiality setting standards above the rest.

Please visit our portal for more details: www.zeal-properties.com

Recycling Division

We are engaged in Metal & Non Metal Scrap Processing, Trading locally as well as export, from Qatar. We purchase : All kinds of Metal Scrap, such as Aluminium, Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, Lead, Batteries, Steel & Electronic Scrap, including strange and oversize scrap

All kinds of Used & Scrap Plant & Machinery, Earth moving & Heavy Equipments,Portacabin, Container, including dismantling of warehouse, shed, etc.

All kinds of Non Metal Scrap, such as Rubber Tubes, Rubber Waste, PVC, Plastic, Card BoardWe will pick up all the scrap from your premises with safety and care.

In order to provide better service to our respected & reputable client's, combined with Scrap business, we do free housekeeping of scrap site for Industries, Factories, Workshop& Warehouse. Recycling saves natural resouces, so we have chosen to be in recycling business to serve you and with your associated support, we join our hands together, to save the natural resources, for all our future generations.

We have experience to handle scrap materials inside RasLaffan Industrial City with Safety, Discipline &Care .We are interested to take up all kinds of scrap recycling business inside RasLaffan Industrial City, Mesaieed Industrial Area and all over Qatar and serve you with quality service with zeal

Power Generator Rental & Maintenance:

We always provide rental, proper maintenance and follow up services. We have developed our maintenance service center to include a wider scope of maintenance operations and services. ZEAL demands and requests efficiently and in record time with the best of expertise, professionalism and resources. Our highly trained service engineers have under extreme conditions succeeded in maintaining the generator's full reliability and thus guaranteeing our customers' trust and comfort

  • Quick Response 24/7/365
  • Installation & Commissioning of New Generators
  • Carry all Maintenance & spare parts repair and replacement.

By offering a one stop shop for all services be it window cleaning, carpentry repairs, plumbing, electrical works etc. We relieve you of the hassle of interacting with different vendors for varied needs.

Our integrated solutions help you minimize downtime and provide a calm environment for an uninterrupted order.

Facility Management

Creating a maintained, efficient working environment is usually one of the largest overheads facing a company. At Zeal-it, our aim is to provide you with a facilities management service to improve the daily running of your workplace and to reflect the image you want to create. We provide a complete range of services that relate to activities necessary for your company to function, providing you with a single point of contact for all your facility needs.

This is achieved successfully by integrating the Zeal-it team with the client so that day-to-day interface is seamless and requires minimal client participation once installed.

Zeal-it is committed to cost effective facilities management, providing the client with an improving level of service. We can achieve this by integrating with the client's personnel, adopting a flexible approach and operating an open book policy between the client and Zeal-it. We also provide a single monthly invoice, supported by a detailed financial summary of all costs incurred. Our services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Planned Preventative Maintenance
  • Security
  • Post Room services
  • Switch-board / Help desk management
  • Handyman, janitorial services
  • Internal office moves
  • Relocations

The maintenance of mechanical and electrical services in any building is a significant overhead, making it essential to maintain installed equipment cost effectively, without compromising the building’s ability to function.

Our experience of managing 'in house' maintenance staff and specialist contractors covering a range of building types means we can take care of the entire process for you, with remote management tools allowing us to monitor plant and equipment performance and make necessary adjustments.

Every building is unique, so Zeal-it works with the client to identify the priority functions and develop a cost-effective maintenance regime to ensure that these are reliable.

As part of the service provided, Zeal-it can offer assistance with the budget process, equipment life span forecasts and projected expenditure to repair or replace items over different occupancy durations. All this makes us a single solution to ensuring installed systems are maintained reliably, safely and cost-effectively. Other maintenance options include:

  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical and plumbing
  • Property maintenance including, landscaping, maintenance of car parks
Civil Construction

At Zeal-it we consistently deliver outstanding quality of service in every market where we work, providing bespoke civil engineering and building solutions to public and private sector clients.

Our teams have expertise in a range of sectors where we undertake infrastructure, capital and maintenance projects through a variety of procurement routes.

Our business is driven by the needs of our clients and our people are motivated by providing ever higher levels of expertise. Working with public and private sector clients in Qatar market has earned us a reputation for quality and delivering what we promise.

We are proud of our success and of our people whose skills, dedication and expertise have achieved award winning recognition from a number of leading industry bodies.

We can perform multiple types of Construction, Concrete works, and specialized paving works to meet your requirements. We have the ability to perform unique intricate foundations, as well as paving. Our Industrial Services are also experienced in the fabrication and erection of structural steel.

  • Concrete Paving
  • Parking Lots
  • Building Foundation
  • Structural Steel Erection
Steel Structure Pre Fabricated Buildings

Prefabricated Site Office, Labour Accommodation Buildings

Today's requirements of construction have become extremely stringent, but we have met these requirements head-on. Zeal-it can construct many types of pre-engineered metal buildings. We perform the site preparation, concrete, and the final walk-in structure. We along with our principals has performed this operation for both the public and private sectors of business

Our customized solutions are designed keeping the clients' needs in mind. Our service crew is supported by professional equipments that help them carry out their job in a hassle free and efficient way.

Our team is well equipped to meet your emergency needs within a short notice. These cost effective solutions tailor made to suit your special needs are not only affordable but also adorable. Our motto is to give you a peace of mind and keep you free from any stress regarding your property's regular maintenance and emergency needs.

Heavy Equipment Rental, Installation & Maintenance:

Our aim is to provide the right equipment to suit the project requirement of the client. We are not just about renting you equipment; it's about our working together to get the job done. Our staff of factory trained technicians is experienced with a wide variety of heavy equipments manufacturers and can deliver service, maintenance, repairs and Rental. Our field technicians are quick to respond and arrive on your jobsite ready to work with fully equipped service trucks.

ZEAL is committed to maintaining a first class track record in an industry where safety and respect for others is paramount. Each team member is committed to good practice, demonstrating respect for the health and safety of others through their everyday actions. Before, during and after a project, we work closely with everyone involved to foster an atmosphere of cooperation, respect, safety and understanding. Our qualified, competent and highly skilled engineers comply with the latest industry standards while using innovative engineering solutions in the following areas:

  • Site Planing
  • Base Engineering
  • Transportation & Erection
  • Removal & Transportation
  • Periodic Maintenance
Excavation, Earthwork & Backfilling Material Supply

Zeal-it provides a broad scope of industrial and commercial services, serving both the public and private sectors. In addition to general construction, we offer site preparation and earth moving, concrete paving and aggregates.

One of the original foundations of our business, we are proud to boast our experience in Site Preparation and Earth Moving. We have the experience to perform the broad scope of site preparation needs. We have completed numerous tasks of installing underground GRP pipe and GRP lamination services. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained to handle the delicate, yet important situations of these projects.

We can perform your difficult tasks without the normal hardships of heavy construction Our Site Preparation Division can perform the essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow. We have performed preparation for building construction, new unit installation, foundation work, and more. Our Site Preparation Service can perform turnkey site needs.

Complete Site Preparation ,Underground Concrete Tanks, Pumping Stations, Portable Sewage Plants One necessity in any type of construction is the use of a variety of materials. In conjunction with that fact, we supply Sub base materials, Washed sand, Dune Sand, Limestone and Gabro

Branding and Web Solutions

We are with you for all your Branding Endeavors. Our seasoned ideas and time tested strategies will make sure that your brand reaches up-to your dreams. Here at Zeal-it we priorities user experience and quality. Our expert professionals are equipped with all graphic designing and web development requirements.

Our services are

  • Branding
  • Web Solution
  • Logo Designing
  • Character Designing
  • Promotions
ERP Solutions

We address all enterprise needs of your organization by tightly integrating the various functions using a process view of the organization. At Zeal-it we give you comprehensive ERP solutions for all your enterprise software needs. We provide you with the best, contemplating user-friendliness and accuracy right from development to implementation.

We Deliver

  • Billing & Inventory Software
  • Human Resources Management Software
  • Food Ordering System
  • Logistics Management Software
  • School Management Software
  • Distributors Software
  • Vehicle Management Software
Communicational and Technological Products

We are your single source solution for all communicational and technological products. Zeal it offers you both Stand Alone and Network Servers. We provide Desktop and Laptop PCs; Work stations; Printers; Scanners; Multi function photo copiers; Network switches; Routers and Modem.

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Technology Solutions

Zeal-it specialise all business-driven requirements in network environments, designing, implementing and maintain your network. Our service space stretches from Server/Client integration to LAN/WAN/VPN Network Solution; Firewall and Threat Management solution and Microsoft Server Solution.

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