Excavation, Earthwork & Backfilling Material Supply

Zeal-it provides a broad scope of industrial and commercial services, serving both the public and private sectors. In addition to general construction, we offer site preparation and earth moving, concrete paving and aggregates.

One of the original foundations of our business, we are proud to boast our experience in Site Preparation and Earth Moving. We have the experience to perform the broad scope of site preparation needs. We have completed numerous tasks of installing underground GRP pipe and GRP lamination services. Our personnel have been thoroughly trained to handle the delicate, yet important situations of these projects.

We can perform your difficult tasks without the normal hardships of heavy construction Our Site Preparation Division can perform the essential tasks needed for various projects that will follow. We have performed preparation for building construction, new unit installation, foundation work, and more. Our Site Preparation Service can perform turnkey site needs.

Complete Site Preparation ,Underground Concrete Tanks, Pumping Stations, Portable Sewage Plants One necessity in any type of construction is the use of a variety of materials. In conjunction with that fact, we supply Sub base materials, Washed sand, Dune Sand, Limestone and Gabro